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Some common boiler repair issues our clients ask us to fix include:

  • Lack of hot water
  • Kettling effect (banging effects)
  • Display panel with error codes
  • Loss of pressure in the boiler
  • Replacement of valves, burners, and pumps
  • Leaking pipework
  • Thermostat control repairs
  • Replacement of Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Malfunctioned programmers and timer


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What Are the Signs Your Boiler Need Boiler Repair Services?

  • Leakage of water from the boiler.
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Not heating normally
  • May not heat properly (delayed heating)
  • Your boiler is making weird sounds

If you see any of the above signs it’s time to call aos boilers Gas Engineers for boiler repair services to be safe from any fatal issue.

Boiler Repair Acton

We Repair and Install all types of boilers mentioned below?

Hot Water Boiler:

A high temp water boiler is both an incredibly protected and effective method for conveying warming to the radiators all through your home using heated water and siphons, constrained by pressure. The manner in which a high temp water boiler works is genuinely straightforward. When you change your indoor regulator to start warming, the burner in the framework will be actuated, warming up the water. The water is then siphoned through the framework where it will extend. The hotness that is delivered by the heated water will then, at that point, come out through the radiators. The cooled water will then, at that point, return to the boiler for the cycle to begin once more.

Electric Boiler:

An electric boiler is a common choice for the people who don’t wish to depend on petroleum product sources to warm their home. This kind of boiler isn’t just harmless to the ecosystem but at the same time is incredibly energy-effective. They likewise work better in more modest spaces. An electric boiler will work equivalent to a customary gas boiler with the exception of that it utilizes power rather than gas to warm water. The fundamental disadvantage to this sort of boiler is the way that if you have a blackout, you will lose your warmth also.

Natural Gas Boiler:

Gas boilers are filled by gaseous petrol, siphoned through a gas line running underneath the house by means of a pipeline from a neighboring road. Gas boilers in some cases use propane gas from a huge tank set external the home, as there is no principle line for petroleum gas in most rustic regions.

Flammable gas is directed by a temperature measure and a thermocouple to limit fuel use. The gas is utilized to keep a pilot light lit, which warms the warming curls in the boiler, giving the hotness to the water in the tank.

Condensing Boiler:

A condensing boiler uses a hotness exchanger to warm the water before it is shipped to the radiators and one to warm water as it is returned. This permits them to involve the energy in exhaust gases to have the water preheated before it gets back to the boiler, making it a more energy-productive choice.