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Boiler Repair Services customer service works directly with a professional team of gas-safe registered engineers. As a result, we provide rapid response services to emergencies. Our team understands that breakdowns can occur when you least expect them, which is why we have a team on standby to work with you when you need us.


Boiler Repair Services is a reliable company with fully-insured, highly-qualified plumbers, heating, gas, and boiler engineers. All the parts we provide and the work we do come with a 12-month warranty. We are proud to have some of the best boiler repair prices in the region.


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Typical Boiler Issues We See Across Chelsea:

Here are the issues for which we get calls from all around Chelsea and the reasons that can cause these issues.

No Heat or Hot Water:

The most common issue is no heat or hot water. It could be because of the broken diaphragms and airlocks or sometimes failure of motorised valves and thermostat issues can also result in no heating check for low water levels in this regard.

Leaking and Dripping:

Leaking and dripping is one other thing that causes the problem. But, there are numerous causes for this issue as various factors can lead to dripping and leaking of the boiler. In this case, we check where the water is leaking as it is essential to determine the cause and treat it well to provide you with the best Boiler Repair Chelsea.

Boiler Repair Chelsea

Banging, Whistling Or Gurgling Noises:

Sometimes the is strange banging, whistling or gurgling noises in the boiler system, this is caused mainly by air in the system, but too low water pressure can also become the reason. Pump failure in older systems also results in such issues.

The Pilot Light Goes Out:

If the pilot lights of your boiler go out, it can be because of the broken thermocouple. It is a problem that you face, and we, the experts, offer you the best suitable solution with long-term results in cheap boiler repair cost. A broken thermocouple usually starts removing the gas supply to the pilot light, resulting in this problem. Besides thermocouples, deposits that build-ups in the pilot light also blow out the pilot light.

Losing Pressure:

Loss of pressure is caused mainly by the water leak in the system. Still, other than this, it is necessary to check whether the pressure relief valve is working correctly because it sometimes also needs a replacement to cause pressure loss. For offering the top-notch boiler repair in Chelsea, we check all the possibilities that can cause issues in your boiler system to keep the system fit from all the aspects. We offer you complete repair and maintenance services with the help of our Gas Safe workers and engineers.

Other than these significant problems, frozen condensate pipe, thermostat issues, radiators not getting hot, boilers keep switching themselves off, and kettling are some complaints that we receive. Being the experts in this field and leading company in the industry, we offer our clients complete solutions for their issues. Your satisfaction is all we want; thus provides you with the best team to deal with the problem in your boilers. You can always trust us regarding reasonable rates, quick emergency services, quality and guarantee.

What Makes AOS Boilers The Right Choice For Boiler Repair In Chelsea?

Here are some factors that make us different from others in the same industry.

Rapid Response Time:

We know how disruptive it can be when you have a faulty or unmaintained boiler with issues and breakdowns; this is why we always offer the quickest response 24/7 and solve all your problems as soon as possible. Our expert and qualified engineers will provide you with all the necessary details regarding your concerns, and you will be able to get the best assistance.

In-Depth Knowledge:

We have been working in the industry for years now. We have encountered numerous issues related to all types of boilers from different manufacturing brands; thus, we know to tackle all the problems hassle-free. Whichever part of the system is causing the problem or type of issue you are facing, you can always trust our engineer for practical solutions for all. We repair boilers of all kinds, sizes, and ages; this is what we do and are experts in; call us now and get your boiler repair services Chelsea at reasonable costs.

Careful Preparation:

We do hassle-free repairing as our team keeps some necessary parts that you may need to replace in our van to solve the fault as soon as possible. Being in this field for years and all our relations with the local suppliers of the parts allow us to get a hand on them in the minimal time, so you do not have to wait long to get your boiler fixed.

Excellent Value:

We work on flexible timing and requirements, which means that everyone can get our expert services at the lowest prices and long term value. Our boiler repair cost Chelsea are cheap, and work is of top quality with a guarantee. We offer the best solutions with the help of a qualified team for you to experience the best process without any stress.