During COVID, the Customer is required to maintain a distance of 2meters from our engineer. Once the Customer has presented the issue and Work has started, they are advised to stay in a different room. Customers are advised to keep all windows open to encourage proper ventilation.

1. Parties, Definitions and Interpretation

These terms and conditions will hereafter be referred to in this document as: “these terms”. These terms refer to the “Customer” as the Customer who will contract AOS Boilers, and by extension, our engineers, to carry out Works on their behalf. “Contract” refers to the agreement between AOS Boilers and the Customer to carry out Works that will be indicated on the Customer’s estimate.

“Works” refer to the job, labor, or tasks that form a part of these terms and the Contract between AOS and the Customer. In these terms, “written” and “in writing” include any communication done via email, a physical document, or a document within a handheld device. Any words used that refer to the masculine gender will also refer to the feminine and neuter gender. Any terms used that import a singular number may also refer to a plural number where required in the context.

2. General

2.1 The Customer shall acknowledge that AOS Boilers has not made any representations (other than those stated in the Contract or AOS Boilers’ estimate) that have brought about its entering into the Contract. The Contract shall refer to all understandings between AOS Boilers and the Customer for completion of the Works.

2.2 Unless on express written agreement or through an exchange via email between the two parties, modification to the Contract shall be null and void. Documentation of the Customer or signing on behalf of AOS Boilers shall not indicate a change in the Contract.

2.3 Any party that isn’t part of these terms shall not have the right to enforce any terms indicated herein.

3. The Price, Variations and Estimates

3.1 All Works shall be charged following AOS Boiler’s standard rate card and applicable at the time the Works are carried out. This is unless AOS Boilers furnishes a written estimate to the Customer which he accepts per these terms.

3.2 AOS Boilers has the right to withdraw any estimates any time before the receipt of acceptance by the Customer. An estimate shall be deemed withdrawn unless accepted within seven days from its indicated date.

3.3 All estimates provided by AOS Boilers are written as per the information given to AOS Boilers by the Customer. If, during the Works, our engineer discovers that there wasn’t sufficient information or the information provided was incorrect in any material aspect, AOS Boilers reserves the right to make this known to the Customer and adjust the price accordingly to take into account the new information.

3.4 If, before the Works are carried out, there’s an increase to AOS Boilers of 10% or more in costs such as the hire of equipment, relevant parts, transport, or other materials since the date of the estimate; AOS Boilers shall reserve the right to make this known to the Customer and revise the estimate to include such increase. The new estimate shall apply unless the Customer cancels the Works within 48 hours of the new estimate being provided or before the Works have begun.

3.5 AOS Boilers will require payment in full once our engineer is on-site. If there are extra materials needed, and the Customer has agreed to the new price, the Customer will give a 50% down payment of the materials before the engineer purchases the material in question. Once the Works are complete, the Customer shall pay for the remaining 50%.

*Conditions Apply- our engineer will inspect the issue for a fixed rate. If the repair can be done without the use of additional materials, this will reflect on the fixed rate. If the engineer requires other/new materials, a new fixed-rate shall be agreed on before they commence Work.

3.6 AOS Boiler’s Standard Rate Card is available for view on the Website (www.AOS.co.uk) or at AOS Boilers business premises during business hours. Our business hours are 8.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday. This does not include Bank Holidays. We have an emergency team that will answer all your queries once you get in touch with us via our Website. Our minimum charge is at one hour. After that, costs shall be applied at half-hour rates.

3.7 Unless we state otherwise, all the estimates provided by AOS Boilers are exclusive of VAT and shall be charged upon addition.

3.8 Once the engineer has completed their job, the Customer shall be issued a paper or digital invoice. This invoice will require three signatures as a confirmation that the Customer is happy with the completed Work to a satisfactory standard. It will also act as confirmation that the Customer is satisfied with the charge they received for labour and materials.

4. The Works

All descriptions and/or illustrations and relevant images that are contained in advertisements, price lists, or catalogues provided to the Customer are only a representation of the idea of the Works in the Contract. Nothing shown in the images, illustrations or descriptions shall be inclusive in the Contract.

5. Commencement and Completion Dates

The commencement and completion periods communicated to the Customer are only estimates. Our engineers will come fully qualified and prepared for the requested job. In rare instances, there may be jobs we cannot complete. When this happens, we may not leave the services in working condition. AOS Boilers shall not accept liability for non-delivery or late delivery of materials or late attendance or non-attendance on the site. AOS Boilers shall not be bound by the time specified in the Contract.

6. Access, Permits, Licences, and Customer Liability

6.1 Unless through written agreement, it is the Customers responsibility to ensure that the landlord or their local authority provides all the necessary permission, licences, permits, and consent before we undertake any Works. Once we arrive on the property, we will assume the required approval has been granted.

6.2 It is the Customers responsibility to ensure that all fixings or furniture on site are protected before we commence any Work. If the Customer needs any help, we shall not accept any responsibility for items damaged.

6.3 Once on site, we shall require 240v power to commence Work. The Customer shall supply the power to us at no cost. We shall not be responsible for adding funds to any gas meter.

6.4 AOS Boilers absolves itself and its engineers from guarantees on silicone work. Unless AOS Boilers indicates so in writing as per the Customers’ request, it is the Customer’s responsibility to remove some or all of the waste items.

6.5 Where it is applicable, it is the Customers responsibility to provide all drain layouts. If these are not made available, AOS Boilers reserves the right to apply additional charges where other issues develop or if there are previously unidentified issues.

6.6 The Customer has a responsibility to ensure that they understand all the Work we propose to do on their property. It is their responsibility to ask as many questions as they can until they fully understand.

6.7 The Customer shall be required to indemnify AOS Boilers of all charges, suits, actions, claims, losses, costs, expenses or demands, that AOS Boilers may incur or suffer that result from a delay or failure in the Customer’s part in undertakings, obligations, warranties, or representations that are connected to the Contract.

7. Frozen Pipes

AOS shall not be held responsible for any fractures on frozen pipes that have been worked on by our engineers. We do not guarantee cleared blockages that occur on a frozen drain or pipe.

8. Force Majeure

AOS Boilers will ensure that all reasonable endeavors are in place to ensure all Works are carried out on the agreed timings and dates. However, we shall not be liable if AOS finds that conditions to complete the Works are unfavourable. Such conditions may include lockout, acts of God, strikes, or industrial disputes or other conditions that are beyond the control of AOS Boilers.

9. Power Flush Leakages

If the Customer contracts AOS Boilers to do power flush Works, AOS Boilers shall not be liable for any cover leakage as a result of the Work.

10. Inspection of Works and Complaints Procedure

It is the Customers responsibility to inspect the Works immediately after it is completed. Failure of the Customer to countersign the detailed worksheet provided by our engineer shall not imply a rejection of the Work.

If the Customer is not satisfied with the Works as indicated in the Contract, it is their responsibility to give notice to AOS Boilers in writing thereof. If such notice is absent, we shall assume that that the Works were done satisfactorily and free from any issues or defects that would be present on reasonable examination.

11. Variation or Waiver

No waiver by AOS Boilers of breaches by the Customer shall operate as a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach by the Customer. No variation shall be effective against AOS Boilers unless permissible in writing by AOS Boilers. No delay or forbearance on AOS Boilers shall prejudice AOS Boilers remedies and rights under the Contract.