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What is a Boiler Service?

the question is what is boiler service? A boiler service is done on your boiler by your gas safe expert to ensure all the individual parts of your boiler are working efficiently and clean. Think of it like you would a safety check and MOT on your motor vehicle. The service on your vehicle ensures all individual parts are working as they should and that fluid changes are done. The same principle is what makes up a boiler service. Therefore, a boiler serviceisaservicedoneonindividualpartsofyourboilerto ensurethatit’ssafe to use, clean, and that its parts are in top working condition.

Do I Need a Boiler Service?

Yes, you do necessitate a boiler service. Make sure your boilers are checked and maintained regularly. This will ensure your boiler is working efficiently for the entire year and validate manufactures warrantees you have on your boiler. Servicing your boiler regularly is the best thing you can do to lengthen its lifespan and minimize breakdowns.

Servicing your boiler keeps you and the people around you safe and assured. An excellent service will check whether your appliance is efficiently and safely combusting fuel thereby reducing any risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.

What Does a Boiler Service Involve?

Your boiler service will begin with a visual check on the boiler to ensure all connected pipe work is installed properly and positioned correctly. Your expert will then check whether there are initial issues with the boiler and whether it’s operating correctly. During this process, they will take off the boiler casing so they can have a look at the internal components and clean them. Once this is done, the boiler engineer will examine:

  • –  Flow and pressure of gas.
  • –  Combustion and flue. The engineer will analyse flue gas to check whether the flue isblocked and if the boiler is burning the correct mix of air and gas.
  • –  Electrical connections and whether they’re clean and in good workingcondition.
  • –  Seals and whether they’re intact.
  • –  Electrodes.
  • –  Safety devices
  • –  Whether the condensate pipe and trap are blocked.
  • –  Gas and water pipe work.Who Can Service My Boiler?You should get a qualified gas safe registered engineer to service your boiler. Unlike a regular plumber, your heating engineer has a gas safe certified and is authorised to service your boiler. You can not DIY a boiler service. However, working with gas appliances is dangerous and requires gas gas competent engineer it is a law, in the event anything goes wrong. Leave your boiler service to a professional heating engineer.Is a Boiler Service Expensive?

    It depends on what option you go for. When it comes to boiler servicing, you have to consider two options.

  1. A one-off fee of £65- 135 depending on full or generic service.
  2. The type of service you need depends on how long since last service

3. The age of the boiler and condition


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